Leaves of Compassion

An earth that brings abundance
is sacred to all Beings,
Dragonfly spreads messages
whispered from gossamer wings.
In the endless cerulean skies
she floats upon the winds
that swirl and flow around our star
to come to rest in the ears
of those willing to hear.

Compassion, Hope, Wellbeing

To nurture, one first has to have the ability to nurture one’s self. This is important in order to be of actual help and not leech others energy through your own wounds. Compassion for others at the expense of self leads to abuse of the self and the introduction of non-nurturing support systems. This in turn leads to bad health and the inability to have compassion for and support or nurture others. The Self is First, then all can be supported.
Acrylic on Canvas. 24×36

She Who Spreads Leaves of Compassion

Compassion for one another is a two-way street. When receiving compassion we are charged with not holding it to ourselves, but like the breezes, the winds, the hurricanes; to scatter compassion like seeds to the far corners of our existence.

Wellbeing for ourselves and our place of residence among the stars is most important. Therefore, keeping ourselves well and planet abundant is our only physical task.

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I live and work in a beautiful place with a river and beach and the wild west coast. Having grown up without a TV, as a family we read a lot. This lead to me writing a lot which in turn lead to a habit of writing poetry to make sense of my world. My grandmother painted. Lovely oils and water colours which she encouraged me to try. For many years I did very little, life was not conducive to creativity until came a time when life turned on its head and suddenly I found expression in creativity with the Intentional Creativity method taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud in her Color of Women training. So here I am, writer, artist, ritual maker showing my offerings to the world.

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