Actually Leaving

August 23 2018. The starting point. Then there is leaving home and family. Getting ready to leave has been a marathon in itself. In the last week I have moved my wee home, tried to compress enough gear for 2 months into a pack, had several meltdowns, worried about my knee and finally made it to Wellington airport to discover my bag won’t be checked through to Paris as I expected. Quiet panic over the two hours I have to collect said bag, get to international and book in. Need a cup of tea and a lie down before the adventure begins.

My daughter and grandson ready to drive me to the airport.

This blog is about one part of my life, walking the Camino de Santiago. The challenges and the successes. It was hard, it was long and I was glad to get home. The pilgrimage changed me in many ways. Stories are still writing themselves in my mind and heart of my adventures there.

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I live and work in a beautiful place with a river and beach and the wild west coast. Having grown up without a TV, as a family we read a lot. This lead to me writing a lot which in turn lead to a habit of writing poetry to make sense of my world. My grandmother painted. Lovely oils and water colours which she encouraged me to try. For many years I did very little, life was not conducive to creativity until came a time when life turned on its head and suddenly I found expression in creativity with the Intentional Creativity method taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud in her Color of Women training. So here I am, writer, artist, ritual maker showing my offerings to the world.

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