2018 El Camino – A Pilgrimage

Over the past nearly few years my life has moved at an incredible rate in all sorts of directions I could never have imagined. I have had to leave my home, then moved a few more times, traveled to California and Colorado in the USA, hopped across the ditch to Australia, moved out of the Bay of Plenty for the first time in over twenty years, to Taupo, then on to Wellington.

Each place I have lived has become successively smaller, from a small farm cottage, to a flat, to a cabin, to a camper until now I live in a caravan with all my stuff in storage. I wonder how much stuff I actually need. Ending up with two storage units was not the plan, so in my own version of storage wars, I had to move everything once again into one larger unit, getting rid of some stuff just to fit it all in.

Then to show me stuff is really not important, life has done it again in the form of my sister convincing me that a pilgrimage is needed at this time of my life so in 2018 I will be walking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago for 6 weeks and 720km. Just because. My life will be condensed to my hiking pack and good boots. This raises several questions, like, why a pilgrimage? What has this to do with getting my life back together? How important is stuff? Hopefully I will find the answers somewhere along the path…