Colour of Women 2019

A great adventure! In 2019 I took a journey in paint to train as a teacher of the Colour of Women method of creativity with Shiloh Sophia McLoud.

Bringing intention, thought, prayer and fear to a canvas as a way to work through, dream into being, access new ways of thinking and being. My art page holds the images and stories of this year – and tried not to take on anything else as is my habit to do too much at once. I had no training in technique so had to learn along the way, which is a good thing because when teaching others it is good for them to see I am not full of talent and ego, that I am just like them with a desire to let my sub conscious and conscious have a party on the paper or canvas and hopefully work some stuff out.

Now a Colour of Woman Teacher in NZ. I will be designing and teaching workshops to women who are brave enough to listen to their hearts and say ‘I Can.’

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I live and work in a beautiful place with a river and beach and the wild west coast. Having grown up without a TV, as a family we read a lot. This lead to me writing a lot which in turn lead to a habit of writing poetry to make sense of my world. My grandmother painted. Lovely oils and water colours which she encouraged me to try. For many years I did very little, life was not conducive to creativity until came a time when life turned on its head and suddenly I found expression in creativity with the Intentional Creativity method taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud in her Color of Women training. So here I am, writer, artist, ritual maker showing my offerings to the world.

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